Watching our son learn from Ms. Julie has been a delight. He has developed a strong sense of pride in his work and I can tell he loves the freedom and flexibility to pursue subjects at whatever level he’s ready for. This means that he works at different grade levels in different subjects, and yet Ms. Julie keeps him consistently engaged and excited about school. He gets very excited whenever they do a hands-on activity like growing and releasing butterflies or going on nature walks, both of which were things he never had the opportunity to do in public school. Ms. Julie’s customization of curriculum and her communication with parents have been impressive and are tremendously helpful for our understanding of his strengths and areas for growth. We’re all very sad that we’re moving out of state this summer, because I know my son would absolutely love to stay with Ms. Julie and his friends.

-Current second grade parent

I couldn't say it better than the other reviews here -- I agree completely with what the other parents have said! The kids get to do fun and interesting projects together, while continuing to progress at their own level in reading and math. The kids have all become such great friends, and they all love Ms. Julie!

-Current first grade parent

Imagine teaching your gifted child in a way that meets their academic, emotional, and social needs in a way that is tailored to their learning style. ASALC is a wonderful collaboration between parent, teacher, and child to reach a child's potential. Lessons are planned around their personal interests, my daughter is reading CS Lewis so her grammar exercises include questions about Narnia. If they find an interesting bug at recess it could be under the microscope, researched, and written about by the end of day. They aren't pigeonholed into a grade, a 6 year old may work on algebra or a fifth grade spelling list without feeling exceptional or intimidated. The school provides the flexibility of homeschool without the lesson planning and isolation. We're free to go on vacation or request a curriculum; typing, cursive, piano, latin roots etc. and are updated weekly on progress. While the subject matter is advanced the kids feel like they're just having fun with their peers and Ms. Julie. It's been an unexpected joy to watch my daughter's intellectual curiosity develop. We couldn't be happier and wish every child was able to have such a positive experience both socially and academically.

-Current first grade parent

ASALC has been great for our daughter! A tailored education plan and low student-teacher ratio are two of the best aspects. The kids get to be with kids their own age, but study subjects at whatever level they're academically ready for. There are also class-wide projects and lessons so that it doesn't feel like everyone is doing independent study. The atmosphere is laid back and allows the students to have some flexibility in their day. Ms. Julie is a great role model (in addition to being a great teacher). Our daughter has really found her groove here, loves going to school every day, and is excited for next year!

-Current third grade parent



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