Week of 9/8

Nervous System

Mrs. Wordsmith's Storyteller's Word a Day

  • swagger

  • grating

  • tongue-tied

  • vacant

Read Alouds

  • Code 7

  • Invisible Boy

  • Squirrels Who Squabbled

Group A

  • Full curriculum implementation (still waiting on a few HWT workbooks that are on backorder, see SeeSaw for specifics on your child's activities)

  • Second Step SEL- Self Talk, Ignoring Distractions

  • Veterenarian community helpers video (follow up to police officers and firefighters video last week)

  • Secret Space nature walk

  • Learned how to be good citizens in everyday life and how to carryout good citizenship in their communities

  • Learned about health and different parts of the body (muscles, skeletal, various organs)

  • Earth, Sun, Moon mini-lesson

Book Purge

  • We emptied most of our bookcase and shelves to prepare for the Scholastic book shipment of 75+ books!

Group B

  • Full curriculum implementation (see SeeSaw for your child's specific work)

  • The Refugee- we are halfway through the book!

  • Finished 'What is a Refugee?' History's Mysteries unit by choosing a character trait that the characters in 'The Refugee' exhibit and analyzing why those specfic traits would be useful in their future homes

  • Coding using Tynker and Scratch

  • Bat Mystery Article of the Day

  • Completed inferencing doodle notes mini-unit

  • This or That exit slips

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