Week of 9/28

  • Kandinsky Place Value Circles

  • Storyteller's Word of the Day- indulgent, innovative, lighthearted, whimper,

  • Typing Instruction

  • Science Mill Colossal Robot Hand

  • What Makes a Good Leader?

  • Orb Weaver Spider habitat

Read Alouds

  • You are Your Own Strong

  • Wild Robot

  • The Refugee (B)

  • What It Means to Be a Leader

  • Wordy Birdy

Group A

  • Kandinsky Place Value Circles

  • City blueprints on poster boards

  • LGL EDGE ELA badges

  • History's Mysteries- What does it mean to be a citizen?

  • Classroom Rights Class Book

  • Handwriting Instruction

  • Rights and Responsibilities of Children

  • 'Two Whats?! And a Wow!' Podcasts- Heartbeatz, Dogs & Cats

  • One on one math and ELA sessions

  • Citizen and Immigrant visualization activity

  • Reached last step in city blueprint project

Group B

  • Summary Strategy (somebody, wanted, so, but, then)

  • Daily Summary Stations

  • Article-A-Day- Music Without Instruments

  • Article-A-Day- Making Music with Electronics

  • Article-A-Day- Imagine an Opera

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg 'I Dissent' Read Aloud and independent summary activity

  • This or That exit slips

  • Freedom of Speech note taking

  • Brains On! Podcasts 'Why do we sneeze when we look at the sun?' & 'Do we see different colors?'

  • SEL Reflection writing- Describe a time when your emotions felt out of control

  • Fact vs Opinion

  • Daily 'correct your work' Wordly Wise stations

  • Cursive

  • Political cartoon analyzation activity

  • Free Speech 'Real Life Scenario' Activity- Libel, defamation, imminent danger, and time, place, and manner restrictions

  • What Fearless Leader Are You? questionnaire

  • Build a rectangle challenge w/ pentominoes

  • Purpose of Free Speech, Representative Democracy, Free Speech for Individual Growth

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