Week of 8/30

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

  • ‘All the Ways You Are Smart’ read aloud

  • ‘A kids book about failure’ read aloud

  • Hand eye coordination partner activities

  • How to catch a frisbee

  • ‘Code 7’

  • Food coloring and milk STEAM project

  • The Nervous System-

  • What is it?

  • Voluntary movements

  • involuntary movements

  • Draw your own neuron within a nerve network

Group A

  • Curriculum Implementation

  • Foolproof Spelling Grades 1 & 2

  • Phonics 2

  • Child 1st SnapWords (List A & D)


  • ’What Were You Thinking’ read aloud and impulse control

  • SEL Second Step- Self-Talk

  • Fit boost Brain break

  • KidCitizen Community Helpers digital adventure

  • Discovery Ed community helpers

  • Hands on math practice with this 10 blocks differentiated for each level of math

Group B

  • SEL Second Step empathy quiz

  • Read aloud of 'The Refugee'

  • Interviews from refugee families from Syria traveling to Turkey

  • Wordly Wise lesson one

  • Inferencing doodle book

  • Inferencing stations

  • Spot It categorization game

  • Brains On Podcast How Books Are Made and How Our Brain Processes Them

  • Foolproof Spelling Grade 3

  • Sequential Spelling

  • Beast Academy Book 5

  • AOPs intro to algebra

  • Cartooning Club showcase

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