Week of 8/10

  • Officially registered as the Kids for Peace Global- Raleigh Chapter

  • Finished Let's Go Learn baseline assessments

  • SEL Regulation- Blurt Game

  • STEAM Explorers- Left Hander's Day (8/13)

  • STEAM Explorers- Nervous System Brain Pop, Spinal Cord Brain Pop

  • Explorer Zone- Sound of Silos, Sound Experiment next week

  • School-wide book fair

  • Shark Week Daily Bites- DiscoveryGO

  • Shark Week- Wild Kratts

  • Mystery Doug- Biggest Tree

Group A

  • Second Step Week 2- Focusing Attention using Attent-o-scopes, My Turn, Your Turn Brain Builder Game, Focus on Me practice

  • History's Mysteries Intro Lesson- Observations

  • Imagine Neighborhood Podcast

  • Dr. Sherri's Emotion Experiment- Solve-o-matic 3000 (will create Solve-o-Matic next week)

  • Spanish Alphabet

Group B

  • Apples to Apples extension activity

  • LGL ELA EDGE programs

  • LGL Math assessments & EDGE programs

  • Passion Project Powerpoint Presentations

  • Second Step- Empathy & Respect Week 2 (see book list below for at home reading support)

  • Spanish- Likes & Dislikes

  • Social Studies- The Refugee read aloud, Lesson 1 History's Mysteries

  • Passion Project edits, presentations next week

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