Week of 2/22

Storyteller's Words of the Day- Deluge, robust, rustling, ravenous, moonlit

Following Directions Activity


Paper Airplane Science

Purim Video


Step by Step Art- Drawing Pictures from Nature or History

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Group A


Types of Forces- gravity, buoyancy, air resistance, friction, water resistance- all

Forces BINGO Boards for next week- all

BrainPop- Forces video, quiz, and Hot Air Balloon Game- K, M, Jo, S, & A

Social Studies/Geography

Ideal Community- Video, Listed features of ideal community, created a map- A, M, K, & S


'Daily News' Current Events Articles- K, M, Jo, S, & A

  • 'Plans for 'London Resort' Theme Park Announced' Article & Questions- S

  • 'Rare Moonflower Ready to Bloom' Article & Questions- K

  • 'Children's Football Coach Receives Award for Kindness' Article & Questions- Jo

  • 'History-Making Rover Due to Land on Mars' Article & Questions- M

  • 'Harry and Meghan Baby Announcement' Article & Questions- A

'EA' Spell the Picture- A

Typing Club- all

LGL Badges- S, K, Jo, M, & A

Types of Sentences Packet- K, M, Jo, S

Idioms Worksheet- all

Idiom Read Alouds- Wild Goose Chase, Colors,


Beast Academy

  • Beast Academy- Place Value: Adding Pirate Numbers, Pirate Word Problems, Digits- S

  • Beast Academy- Shapes: Triangles and Angles, Triangles and Sides, Classifying Triangles I & II, Name the Triangle, Counting Triangles, Quadrilaterals I- Jo

  • Beast Academy- Problem Solving: Match, Extra Information, Grab Bag- M

  • Beast Academy- Measurement: Comparing, Units, Using a Ruler I & II- M

Code Breakers Place Value Puzzle- S & A

Code Breakers Multiplication & Division Spring Words Puzzle- K & M

Number Partitioning- S & A

Addition w/ Carrying- S & A

LGL Badges- A & K

Fractions LGL Badges- A

Multi-Step Word Problems- K

Futureschool Division Tutorial- K

Division Worksheets- K

Prodigy- K, S, & M

Fractions Intro LGL- A


The Wild Goose Chase Read Aloud- all


What to Do When... Strategies

Listening Visuals

Group B


Mondrian Fractions- N

2 by 1 Digit Multiplication- N

'Ingrid Inverse' Powerpoint & Worksheets- N

BrainPop Jr.: Time to the Quarter and Half Hour video, quiz, and worksheets- N

FutureSchool Time Assessment- N

Mental Calculations Code Breakers- N

Art of Problem Solving Algebra - Solving Linear Equations, Distribution, and Factoring - E

Mystery of the Guilty Gameshow Gangster Math Mystery- E

Written Calculations Code Breaker- E

Beast Academy: Shapes- Angles in a Triangle, Angles in a Quadrilateral, Parallel and Perpendicular, Classifying Quadrilaterals I, II, III, Reflectional Symmetry- A


Worldly Wise Chapter 12 - E&N

How to brainstorm, outline, write rough draft, edit, best word choice, and write final draft a formal academic paragraph - A

Ender's Game - continue reading and group discussion


Social Studies/History

The Allies Read Aloud

D-Day Newspapers

D-Day Passages and Questions


Build Solar Rover model kit

Design Mars Exploration Vehicle (as a team)

Environmental Science

  • Field trip to collect water samples

  • Observation of environmental factors

  • Completed water tests on samples for copper, iron, nitrates, etc.

What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions


Scratch Programming - building games from instructions in coding book

Team Building/Leadership activities

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