Week of 2/15

  • Irrational vs Rational Thoughts

  • Valentine's Day Animated History

  • Neighborhood Walk

  • Storyteller's Words of the Day- twilight, reverberating, gorge

Group A


  • Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry- Goldilocks Zone- M, Jo, S, A, K


  • Alternative Spellings for the 'ee' sound- A

  • Exclamatory, Statement, Question, Commands- M, Jo, K, S

  • The Long Arm of the Law Idiom read aloud- all

  • Epic! Independent Reading

  • LGL Assessment- Je


  • Place Value BrainPop Jr. video, quiz (A & K)

  • Repeated Subtraction as Division BrainPop video, quiz, worksheet- K

  • Beast Academy: Expressions & Subtraction Tests- M

  • Pirate Numbers Beast Academy- S

  • Angles Beast Academy- Jo

  • Greater Than, Less Than- A & S

  • Multi-Digit Multiplication- K


  • Go Noodle- M, Jo, S, A, K

  • Chrome Music Lab- M, Je, S

  • Ax Throwing Game- A & K

Group B


  • Design a Mars Buggy research and development- all

  • Collaborative Science - working on how to share research effort and ideas to collaboratively design a exploratory expedition on Mars - all


  • Wordly Wise Lesson 11- E & N

  • Grammar Island- Parts of Speech- A

  • Practice Town- labeling sentences- A

  • Ender’s Game - continued reading and group discussion - all


  • Math Challenge Puzzle- N & E

  • Algebra: Solving Equations, Inequalities, Graphing on a Number Line- N & E

  • Parts of a Clock BrainPop video, & quizzes- N

  • Clock FutureSchool worksheet- N

  • Decimals with tenth and hundredths places- N

  • Beast Academy 4A: Shape Definitions, Overlapping Names, Naming Angles, Measuring Angles, Measuring Angles 2, Measuring Angles 3, Perpendicular/Parallel- A

Social Studies

  • 'Black Rosies of WWII' reading and quiz- A & N

  • WWII BrainPop- video, quiz, worksheet- all

  • 'The Allies' read aloud- all


  • Ax Throwing Game- all

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