Week of 11/2

  • BrainPop- 2020 Election

  • 'All Aboard the ISS' balloon experiments

  • Snoopy in Space

  • BrainPop- Conflict Resolution

  • BrainPop- Halloween

  • BrainPop- Day of the Dead

Group A

  • BrainPop- Mars

  • Multiply on the Fly (S & K)

  • The Great Divide (J)

  • What's the Difference? (A)

  • Beast Academy (M)

  • Algebra task cards (J)

  • Square challenge puzzles

  • Artemis packet (binary, seeing differences in pictures, spaced themed sudoku)

  • The Mazins' Game

  • Voyager 1 & 2 video

  • Fall vocabulary- Spanish

  • Find and Color- Spanish

  • Mars KWL chart

  • Mars poster

  • Venn Diagram of Group A's likes

  • LGL spelling (J)

  • LGL ELA- Pen pal Australia passages (M)

  • LGL math- timed challenge: Adding two and one digit over 20 w/ regrouping (A)

  • LGL math- Thousands place value (K)

  • LGL ELA- Punctuation (S)

  • Thanksgiving order of operations (J)

  • Spelling: ck, c (M, S, J)

  • Spelling: prefixes (K)

  • Phonics- Y (A)

  • Subtraction matching card game (S)

  • Epic! books

  • Handwriting

Group B

  • 'Ideal Society'- The Giver

  • Utopian societies, Dystopian societies

  • Summarizing (last week)

  • Amendment Summary Books

  • Life on Mars video

  • 'Moving to Mars' journal entry

  • Articles of the Day- 'Why do we vote on a Tuesday in November?', 'American Government: Preamble to the United States Constitution', 'Election of Representatives', 'Women get the Vote in 1920'

  • Wordly Wise Lesson 7

Read Alouds

  • Wild Robot (all)

  • Enemy Pie (A)

  • The Giver (B)

  • Me encanta el otono (A)

  • Elbow Grease (A)

  • Seven Blind Mice (B)

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