Week of 8/3

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Registering as the Raleigh Chapter for Kid's Peace and signing the 'Peace Pledge'.

Regulation SEL- Freeze Dance

Collaboration SEL- 'What Would You Do?' Scenarios


Introduction to Inquiry Based learning

Optical Illusions read aloud

Group A

SEL- Listening Skills (see four 'rules' below)

SEL- 'Why Should I Listen' Read Aloud

Health- Five Senses- Senses Detective & outdoor Sensory Walk

ELA- Dolch Sight Word assessments


ELA- Let's Go Learn DORA assessments/EDGE Program continuation

Social Studies- Big Mouth Elizabeth Read aloud

Book Bite- Statue of Liberty- Right Foot

Imagine Neighborhood- Macho Needs an Oven


Imagine Neighborhood- Build a Robot cardboard challenge

Mystery Doug- Are unicorns real?

Group B

ELA- Expanding reading interests by choosing new independent reading books with guidance

Debate Cards

Math- Prodigy Placement Tests

Health- Sportsmanship: Simon Says, Obstacle Course

Health- Move It Calendar Physical tasks

SEL- Passion Project Party research

Social Studies- 'The Refugee' by Alan Gratz read aloud


Social Studies- History's Mysteries- Lesson 3


Spanish- New vocabulary and discussion questions, see link below for support resources and further weekly updates


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Inventions Scavenger Hunt- Each student chose three items to research who created/invented the items Geometric Solids Math-a-Magic Halloween Activities cornstarch ghost eggshell bombs leaf ghosts egg


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