Rewind to my first year of teaching.....

Here I was, just offered my dream job at a local charter school as a fourth grade math and science teacher. Ready or not, I prepared to take over a class that a veteran, special education teacher of 20+ years could not manage. I always liked a challenge.

Forty-eight unique nine year olds. Forty-eight sets of parents.  More than five IEPS, three 504s, no bathroom breaks, evaluations, walkthroughs, lesson planning, and a whole lot of stress.

Cue in my most memorable, meaningful student.

Spinning on the rolling chair in the back of the room, I would do anything to make the constant beat boxing stop.

It took longer than I would like to admit to realize that this student was not like the others.

Funny, clever, argumentative, and smart.
Just SO unique. I found myself enthralled in conversation at any point possible,

Fast forward eight months...gifted. Everything started to click from my own childhood.

Bored, class clown, no studying needed, it all made sense. I left the charter school that year

and accepted a job at a private school exclusively for gifted students.

If you are the parent of a gifted child, or of a child you believe to be gifted, I encourage you to come see first hand the excitement and love of learning that radiates from our classrooms. Gone are the days where your child is 'bored' in class and say goodbye to supplementing your child's curriculum at home. There is a school out there for your child, you are not alone.     ​


Julie Cronin, Director of Education


CARY, NC 27519


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