The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.
                                                                                      -William S. Burroughs

Core Principles

‘Global, Holistic Approach’


Our teachers nurture the development of the whole child. Development of the child’s emotions, social skills, spiritual beliefs, and community involvement is taught alongside academics. 



 This relates to the child’s role in the greater world.We strongly believe in preparing our students to be progressive, adaptable and resourceful thinkers. Students are provided with learning experiences that spark curiosity about the wider world, developing a growing sense of global responsibility and identity.

By providing learning opportunities on both a global and holistic level, students learn how to be open minded, connected, and self-aware, all critical skills for life-long success, both in and out of the classroom.

‘Student Voice and Choice’



Positive relationships between teacher and student are critical.

Our educators believe that showing respect for each child is as important as the child showing respect for the teacher.

This belief and mutual respect results in students feeling empowered to become engaged in their learning.



Student's are consulted when choosing the subject they would like to start the day with. More challenging choices, such as assessment styles (written, verbal, project-based, performance-based) are chosen with the student's preference in mind.


Our students understand that they are much more than a child when they walk through our school’s door.

They are an integral part of our school and community.

‘More Than Memorization’

Mastery is achieved through hands on learning experiences, resulting in deep, thorough understanding of content.

Memorization, especially in math, can lead to unnecessary anxiety and understanding the how/why of new concepts is valued over rote learning. 

Developmentally Appropriate Environment

In order to support the social-emotional development in gifted learners, students are placed in a class with similar aged peers, free to progress through curriculum at their own pace. In an environment developmentally appropriate for a child, where challenging academics are offered, students feel a sense of belonging. 


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