Through working in public, charter, and private schools myself, I have learned first hand that not every school setting fits every teacher. Prospective employees show their engagement and passion for everything gifted through working with current students over a period of at least three days. 


Unique Individualized Learning Plans (ILPS) are made for every student.. An initial ILP is made at the beginning of the school year which details accommodations, modifications, and goals specific to your child. This is an academic content ILP, which is used to monitor your child's progress throughout the year. 


We are all about flexibility. Some days when our students have unlimited amounts of energy, we can have an extra recess. While carrying on our day, we may come across a question about something completely off topic. No problem here! We can research our question on the spot. 

Gifted Peers

Students are surrounded by classmates who understand your child's witty sense of humor and deep empathy. Your child's rapid pace of learning material is commonplace here at SAGA, providing a stress free environment. 

Student to Teacher Ratio

Class size does not exceed eight students to one teacher. 


CARY, NC 27519


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